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Friday, December 26, 2008

Igniting the Flame of Self-Awareness

Igniting the Flame of Self-Awareness

If you find it difficult to be aware, then experiment with writing down every thought and feeling that arises throughout the day; write down your reactions of jealousy, envy, vanity, sensuality, the intentions behind your words, and so on.

Spend some time before breakfast in writing them down - which may necessitate going to bed earlier and putting aside some social affair. If you write these things down whenever you can, and in the evening before sleeping look over all that you have written during the day, study and examine it without judgment, without condemnation, you will begin to discover the hidden causes of your thoughts and feelings, desires and words....

Now, the important thing in this is to study with free intelligence what you have written down, and in studying it you will become aware of your own state. In the flame of self-awareness, of self-knowledge, the causes of conflict are discovered and consumed. You should continue to write down your thoughts and feelings, intentions and reactions, not once or twice, but for a considerable number of days until you are able to be aware of them instantly....

Meditation is not only constant self-awareness, but constant abandonment of the self. Out of right thinking there is meditation, from which there comes the tranquility of wisdom; and in that serenity the highest is realized.

Writing down what one thinks and feels, one's desires and reactions, brings about an inward awareness, the cooperation of the unconscious with the conscious, and this in turn leads to integration and understanding.

The Book of Life - December 25

Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist

It was an accident that i came across Paulo Coelho - "The Alchemist" book on the billing counter when i was buying some other stuff. I somehow felt that i need to read through his book, since i have heard lot of people mentioning his name when i say i have a habit of reading. Every one does that, if someone tells that he has a reading habit, we tell the list of authors we have read. May be because we got through only those books. But we feel good in saying those words.Anyway i brought he book because of two reasons first one is that i like the books written with spiritual touch and secondly i have another author & book to mention when someone talks about books.

I could able to like his way of writing and sensed some thing is quite absorbing in writing as i read through its prologue. Before i started i wondered what "ALCHEMIST" is ? and i read through the book i was totally kept thinking about each of the phrases that he put across which means so much in depth.

I had read through so much of spirituality books which talks about life, death, deeds and so on which makes you so much difficult to understand and always makes you feel that you have not reached to that state that you can understand all this hi-fi in life. But when you read through "The alchemist" he tells a simple story of a Shepard who goes in search of destiny which he dreams about. He goes through each of the physiological factors one goes through when one wants to achieve his dreams. He makes you feel that we have to sometime recognize omens and almost make you think that you too have faced them sometime or the other. The story also makes you realize that so many times in our lives too that we have given up our dreams at the very last step and most of the cases it just a step ahead that we missed our dreams. And it feels so good to see how a Shepard faces the difficult times and his thoughts are nothing but your own thoughts. Paulo has a unique style in his writing that as you listen to his stories you relate of the phrases like it is you who he is picturing.

I was so involved that i finished the whole book in one sitting which i have never done before and also went and brought his first book "The Pilgrimage". More on Pilgrimage later.

Check out more on Paulo Coelho in the below link
Paulo Coelho

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dual Voice

I recently came across a music interview in TV, which was featuring Sairam Iyer. I was really moved by his ability to sing in both male and female voice with ease and clarity ......

Check out his singing and i am sure you will love it...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Art in Typewritter

These are potraits done in typewritter by T.D.Chandran

Art work using Typewritter

Proud to say he is my grandpa .... :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

I Love You

  • My whole life changed man, when she hold my hand and told me "I Love You “...
  • I told her "I Love You" and she walked out of my life forever...
  • I f***ing don’t know, how the f*** i will tell her "I Love You”....
  • I love her man! But how can i say "I Love You”, i think it will put me down ...
  • I damn care someone tells me "I Love you", because its just words. You can’t express them in just words ...

These are just few of those lines that hit my ear often enough and put me in a state of so called "Conscious thinking".

Does these words are so magical/powerful enough? That changes ones life from nowhere to every thing and from everything to nothing. If that is so why not every one just says them like we say "Good morning" or any other greeting lines that we say to even the most hated person for us in this world.

Why is it so difficult to tell someone "I love you" even when we are really in love with them? What makes us think so much to spell out these words, but we can give lectures for hours on some other stuff. Is these words really so tough to deal with ?

Or these words when said does not mean thing? Can’t we really capture those feeling of love in mere above words? ….

We can’t deny any of those views expressed above. All of statements makes us feel that they make sense in one situation or the other.

When observed keenly there is anxiety, sorrow, unhappiness, joy, hatred and much more feelings surrounding these 3 words. And when you perform a root cause analysis the result is “FEAR”.

So is FEAR is the only factor which gives so much significance to “I Love You”?

If understood and there is no FEAR then can these 3 words make more sense ?